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The National Family Law Pathways Networks in collaboration with Emerging Minds invite you to participate in our upcoming 4 part webinar series.

Supporting children’s positive mental health during parental separation is a vital prevention and early intervention strategy for the wellbeing of children and families, now

and into the future. Recent amendments to the Family Law Act provide Family Law Practitioners with a unique opportunity to uphold the voice of children in separating

families and promote children’s social and emotional wellbeing and mental health. This 4 part series is offered as a scaffolded learning opportunity, and we encourage

engagement in the full series. Those who register will be emailed links to relevant resources at the end of each session.

14 June | 5 July | 26 July | 16 August 2023


For a comprehensive session rundown for all 4 sessions and webinar hosts, please email for more information.


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