PDF Resources

Below are some helpful pdf reports/resources available for download.

Orders for Supervised Time: What Works?

Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Lauren Kadwell
Coordinator, Sydney Children’s Contact Service and Australian Children’s Contact Services Association (ACCSA) Board – NSW Representative

FAMILY LAW … what does the future hold GSFLPN Main Event Presentations and Research Papers 2018 

ALRC Review of the Family Law System by Dr Rae Kaspiew – Principal Legal Officer, Australian Law Reform Commission

Certifying mediation: A study of s60(I) certificates by Matt Stubbs, Head of Research and Service Development Interrelate 
Parenting Management Hearings – Ashleigh Saint AGs Dept

Parenting Management Hearings – Parliament of Australia
Patrick Parkinson paper
ANU Certifying mediation: a study of section 60I certificates – http://certifying mediation: a study of section 60I certificates

CHILD ABDUCTION – Contact & Resource List
Child Abduction – Contact & Resource List

MEN’S BEHAVIOUR CHANGE – SYDNEY SOUTH ROADSHOW for Greater Sydney Family Law Pathways Network
Men’s Behaviour Change Presentation 8-2-17

FAMILY VIOLENCE and trauma – the impact on families
Family Violence Dr Peter Krabman Greater Sydney FLPN March 2016



  1. Staying Home Leaving Violence Parramatta Holroyd Information Brochure
  2. Staying Home Leaving Violence NSW Contact Numbers
  3. Family Support Parramatta Holroyd information brochure
  4. Family Referral Service information brochure
  5. Blanket Group


  1. Aboriginal Family Law Workbook – various workshops
  2. Confidentiality and Admissibility in the Family Law System – a forum byFINAL Discussion Paper – Confidentiality & Admissibility GSFLPN
  3. Legally Assisted Family Dispute Resolution – a study by GSFLPN